Leo’s appearances on VIXX TV: Episode 39





#11 was done on The Office to Dwight.

#12 is just plain evil 

okay but if you do the too close thing to me I will destroy you and you will regret it

9 is just EVIL


real life high school advice:

  • dont slack 
  • be friends with everyone 
  • kiss ass like there is no tomorrow

Hayao Miyazaki on life

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if i sigh loudly enough will all of my problems go away 

Hex Sign '14 Hongbin+Hakyeon's dance stage
Hex Sign '14 Hongbin+Hakyeon's dance stage


no you dont understand
these are two separate toys that we found at the thrift store today okay
and we found out that they fit like this and it was beautiful
and then we were going up to the cashier to get our things and realized they were still like that and were separating them so that we could each purchase the one we had found and
the cashier
so confused and„, distressed and horrified omg
the look on his face was like we had taken his soul and run it through a blenderim
i tried to fix it omg i was just like
"……………………..he was just…. resting"
but i dont think anything can make up for the trauma we caused.

oh my god i had literally fucking forgotten about this and then a single person reblogged this from me again, just one single person oh my god
… when did this get 87 thousand fucking notes jesus fucking christ
let’s eat!


I just want to do the things I want to do without worrying about what others think. Instead of thinking I should act according to my age, I only think about what makes me comfortable.(x)